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Best Diaper Bags for Both Parents

Best Diaper Bags for Both Parents

You find a beautiful diaper bag, but the guy shies away from it, as it may just be a tad too girly for him to carry? Some men feel like this and a possible simple solution is a unisex diaper bag. Finding diaper bags that are “gender neutral” can solve this slightly awkward situation, and just make your life a great deal easier in the process.

I remember when my daughter was born and as parents we were both over the moon. I did however go on a bit of a “pink” craze. Now I know that pink and girls go great together as does the color blue and boys. Suddenly though our home was almost over run with clothes, bottles, sheets, wall paper and everything a glorious pink color. It was great fun though and I was amazed at many of the gifts we were both lucky enough to receive. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/.

We quickly realised though that when you pack a diaper bag, and have to carry the baby at the same time, then that is quite a bit of weight and it can also be awkward. We also realised that there would be many times when my husband would have to carry the diaper bag around, either with our new family, or on his own. Now, I do understand that some guys would have no problem carrying a pink bag, but my hubby would not be one of them. He doesn’t do polka dots or frills either. So I am writing this article to help out anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

There are lots of diaper bags out there, that do an excellent job, are well rated and suit both parents. There can be as much pink in the house and none of that is a big problem for him, but I know he would draw the line at carrying pink bags. Some people might say he should just get over it, but in any relationship, there always has to be compromise.

Best Unisex Diaper Bags on the Market

I have picked 4 great diaper bags which I think are gender neutral, are very high quality, and still look pretty in my opinion. These are more importantly very functional, durable and have all the right number of pockets and well designed interiors.

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

With almost 200 reviewers at Amazon rating this bag at 4.3 out of 5, you know that you are getting a very good quality bag. This particular one come with stroller attachments, and a changing pad that matches the bag. It is also PVC and phthalate free, and can be used from birth and all the way through to a 50 pounds weight.

It is available in three colors, onyx, aspen arbor and stone arbor. The aspen is a dark green color with the onyx being close to black and the stone being a grey color. My preference in this color range would be the stone arbor, as it will match many strollers, and I think looks very good. It is a grey color with nice white accents.

It measures 6 x 17 x 13, so a good size bag for all your needs and weighs a single pound. These are the main features that I like about this particular diaper bag.

It has a messenger strap and that allows you to carry the bag and at the same time hold your child’s hand. This is a lot more important than many people think. The number of times you have to do this in a day is incredible.

This bag is wide and that is important as well. Many manufacturers make these bags far too narrow in my opinion.You can fit a lot into this bag and there are more than enough pockets.The JJ Cole stroller grips are super high quality.

Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag – Different Unisex Color Options

Skip Hop are a well known brand in the diaper bag market. This is one of their very best sellers. This particular one comes in 5 different colors and I would consider all of them to be gender neutral. The colors are black, bronze, graphite, cream, and a black and white sketch diamond pattern. I checked these with my hubby and he said he would have no problem carrying any of these, but that the cream one was slightly pushing the envelope.
Is is BPA Free, PVC Free and Phthalate Free which in my opinion is so important, It also has an expandable center which can increase the bag size by 20%, which at times is pretty useful. Again this one comes with really good quality stroller straps that will fit on to any stroller. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-unisex-diaper-bags-consider/.

It has 11 pockets, including two insulated bottle pockets, and has a zipped closure at the top of the bag. Again almost 300 reviewers at Amazon rate this bag 4.3 out of 5 which is a very good rating.

Carter’s Tonal Dot Tote

I liked this one and it gets 4.5 out of 5 stars and costs less than $35. Most importantly it is a bag that either parent will be happy with. The main color of this bag is black, but it has a nice green tonal appearance to it.
It measures 22.6 x 13 x 3.4″ and weighs 1.5 pounds.

Many of the reviews that I read about this one commented that it was very easy to wipe clean. The only real complaints about it was that the changing mat was a little thin and could have done with a more generous padding. One thing that is good about this, is that with these type of colors, it is pretty easy to find other items, that you can co-ordinate with it.

Fisher-Price Fastfinder Deluxe Messenger Diaper Bag

It doesn’t get any more gender neutral than this diaper bag from Fisher-Price. It measures 14 x 6 x 14 inches and weighs just one pound. It is a great looking messenger bag, with 4 exterior pockets and several interior pockets for all your baby needs. This would have been my hubby’s first choice as he simply liked the look of it, and he is a fan of Fisher-Price products anyway.
The wipe’s case can be removed for easy cleaning.

The main feature of this bag is simply the amount of room inside. You really can pack some stuff into this one. My best friend uses this one and swears by it. Personally I preferred the JJ Cole diaper bag, but had I not got that one, I would have gone for this one.

It is a grey color and that is about as unisex as you can get, so no-one should have any problem or issues carrying this one around.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Now, you are looking for the best backpack diaper bag? Pay attention to the factors, because they can help you get the best model.


The price is an important factor for every single product, but in this case it has an even more important role. A high quality backpack diaper bag will last longer and it will have more features, so it is a much better choice. The materials, used in production are better as well.

Backpack version

This is a unique type of these bags. In general, they look like an ordinary backpack, obviously, but they come with additional pockets and storage compartments. They are also made from durable materials.

Messenger bags

These bags come with just one strap, so they are more focused for fathers. Still, they are available for mothers and for couples, and they come in many, different versions, so they are perfect for every single parent.


If you are looking for an ordinary handbag that has been adjusted to fit this purpose, these bags are the best choice. They may have a strap that can be detached, so they are similar to messenger bags.

Stroller handlebar diaper bags

These are similar bags as messenger, just they are designed to be attached to a stroller. Although, they offer a lot of space, simply because they have big dimensions, they are not very safe. They can cause a stroller to flip back! You can use them, but only if they are very light, if you don’t leave a stroller from your attention.

Changing pad

Yes, this is an important factor, simply because it allows you to remove and clean a pad that is located inside a bag. It makes it more practical and a bag will last longer. Luckily, most bags of this type come with this feature.


Handles must be short and durable. If they are too long, a bag will drag on the floor. It is very important to choose this factor, according to your height. In addition, this doesn’t apply to all types of bags, but it is crucial for handbags.

Storage space

A backpack diaper bag offers just one pocket, it won’t be very practical. But, if it offers 14 of them, it will be more than just practical. Keep this feature in mind, when you are choosing for your new bag of this type.


If you get a bag that has a weight of 4 pounds, when it is empty, it will be very heavy once it is loaded with all items, needed for your baby. A much lighter bag, with a durable construction, is a much better choice. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/dakine-prom-backpack-review/.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Backpack Diaper Bag
Factors to Consider When Buying Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Best entry level diaper backpack

Graco’s entry into backpack diaper bags is a pretty great attempt. It is not too expensive, has an abundance of pockets and is comfortable to wear. While this backpack wont win any fashion shows, it is just plain functional!

The backpack is made from a durable polyester weave. With a young baby and a toddler, I have crammed as many baby travel essentials as possible and have not yet burst the seams.

So how does this backpack diaper bag hold up in the way of organizing everything? Fantastic! At the center of the backpack are two separate large pockets. Inside of these are smaller mesh pockets. Located around the outside the outside of the backpack are numerous smaller zip up pockets. If you find yourself needing more pockets then you are probably trying to take too much with you.

Heavily padded straps, check. Reasonable sized design, check. You will have no trouble comfortably carrying this diaper bag over long distances. Even with a baby in your arms!

My one gripe about this bag is its additions. The backpack diaper bag comes complete with its own baby wipe dispenser built into the bag as well as a removable diaper change pad. These feel a little gimmicky. I personally have never used the wipes case and the diaper change mat is pretty poor quality, it ended up in the bin pretty quickly (These change pads are much better). It’s a shame that Graco included these features in the bag. It would have been fine without them. More at www.brandreviewly.com.

Diaper bag backpacks
Diaper bag backpacks

Smart Organizer Waterproof Travel Diaper Backpack

This highly versatile, durable, and comfortable backpack is perfect for parents with single or multiple children. It is secure, attaches to most strollers with adjustable clips, offers many areas for storage, and has good quality insulated fabric that will keep your drinks cool for hours.

The front features a mildew-proof storage pocket for pacifiers, and a waterproof pocket for wet clothes, towels, or burp cloths. Zippered pockets for keys and other small items line the front and sides, and two large mesh compartments for diapers and clothing can be found inside. There’s even a 15” compartment for a laptop!

Padded straps with secure stitching offer a comfortable wear, and can function as a daily backpack when not used for diapering needs. If an alternate carrying method is prefered, an adjustable tote strap and handle can be found on the side.

From busy airports to hours in the car, this diaper backpack might be the right item for you if you frequently travel.

My Favorite Backpack Carrier

I got it in the black color so my husband would be fine using it, but the blue is pretty nice too. But not manly.

The backpack itself is smaller than I thought it would be, but to me that’s a good thing. It still has a ton of room, and a total of 8 different pockets to put things in.

It also has stroller clips, letting you attach it to your stroller’s handles. However, some strollers tell you not to hang anything from the handles for safety reasons, so be sure to check your particular manual before you do it.

What’s really awesome is that it comes with two storage “cubes.” One of them is insulated, so it’s perfect for keeping your bottles, snacks, even water or whatever else you might want. The other one is just mesh, so it’s for anything you don’t need to keep cold.

You can access both of the cubes from the front of the backpack, so you don’t have to dig around to get things out. It’s doable with one hand, which is a lifesaver, for real.

The main zipper compartment can also be opened with just one hand, and it’s where all the magic happens.

On the outside, we have 2 bottle pockets, which are insulated, and can hold the average-sized bottle or can. Pretty standard stuff.

This is just about the perfect backpack diaper bag in my experience. I can fit everything I need for a day, and my laptop fits in, too, if I take out the changing pad. If you have a smaller laptop like a MacBook Air, you would be able to fit it WITH the changing pad, I bet.

I really love the Skip Hop FORMA! And I think you will too.

Diaper bag backpacks are great for most people who don’t necessarily want to carry around a second purse or handbag.

Choosing the Best Large Diaper Bag for you

Large diaper bags are great for a long trips out, overnights, or a for parents of more than one child. They can handle the basics with great style.

The best large diaper bag is one which leaves your hands free such as a sling, backpack, or messenger style with a diagonal strap. Most sling and messenger bags can easily convert into backpack style. A bag that will allow your torso to bear the brunt weight that you will be carrying is far much better and it is good for your shoulders and neck.

To such a bag, you will be able to balance the weight of your baby and that of the diaper bag. A hands free bag will make it easier for you to juggle a stroller and shopping bag while keeping up with your active toddler when you are up and about running errands.

Kalencom Weekender Diaper Bag

This large diaper bag is great for the mom on the go or the pack rat. It’s got great space and I love the light colored interior, it really makes finding stuff in the bottom easy, like car keys, lost toys, etc.. It’s easy to clean interior is another plus. The outside pockets give mom a place to stash their stuff and it comes with a couple of add ons like a changing pad and bottle bag.

Skip Hop Baby Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag

The Skip Hop Baby Duo Double Signature Diaper Bag is the best large diaper bag because it offers up to double the space as traditional diaper bags. This not only makes it perfect for traveling but a great option for families with more than one child.

You will love the organization that this diaper bag offers with the total of 16 perfectly places pockets. These pockets can hold everything you need. From the large center pocket which can hold bulky items like clothes and blankets while the surrounding pockets are a perfect place for toys and baby wipes.

There are two separate insulated bottle holders. These pockets are special because they will hold your little one’s bottles at the perfect temperature all day long no matter what the weather may be. There is even an extra parent secure pocket located on the outside! This pocket is large enough to hold your keys, wallet and phone and comes with a secure zipper so that you can keep your stuff safe and dry.

When you purchase the Skip Hop Baby Duo Double Diaper Bag you also will get an additional diaper changing pad. Unlike other changing pads, this one is cushioned for extra comfort for your child so that you can easily change their diaper on the floor without them feeling any discomfort.

You will also love the addition of stroller clips that allow you to directly attach it to your stroller. This bag is specially designed to not only clip like a dream to a single stroller, but a double stroller as well. It has never been easier to tote around all of your children’s things. Best of all, the Skip Hop Diaper Bag not only acts like a tradition tote bag with the dual shoulder straps but has an additional messenger bag strap which can adjust to your height and comfort level. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/best-large-diaper-bags/.

Soho Soren the Owl

This is one of the best large diaper on the market because it has loads of pocket and extra pouches where you can carry baby’s necessary items on the go. With this bag, you are sure that everything will fit under one bag. It comes a pad station, grip stroller attachments, wipe case, zipper bottle case. Compared to its cost, it is worth every dollar you spent on it. It is lightweight yet it has so many places where you can place all that you want to store that you didn’t have storage for. According to the large diaper bag reviews on Amazon, it is number one.

Disney Mickey Mouse 5 in 1 Diaper Tote Set

This is the bag to buy if you want to experience those magical tours with baby. It has multiple interior and exterior pockets for storing baby’s items like wipes, small toys, diapers and snacks. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and it comes with stroller clips for clipping on the stroller while out shopping. It comes with a changing pad, a bottle holder and an easy access pacifier.

timi & leslie Tag-A-Long Diaper Bag

The Timi & Leslie Tag-a-Long diaper bag is a great bag for any age from newborn to toddler. The stylish looks help moms enjoy carrying a nice bag filled with baby related necessities.

Kalencom Buckle Vinyl Diaper Bag

This diaper bag offers all the space of other bags at a fraction of the cost. The outside has numerous pockets, separate sections on the inside with lots more room for bottles, clothes and more.

Little Unicorn Rambler Satchel Bag

This versatile diaper satchel is perfectLil Unicorn Satchel for organizing your essentials and keeping you looking stylish. It features a protective iPad or tablet pocket, a cushioned changing pad, stroller straps, a key hook, and 12 pockets. It’s also made of durable cotton canvas with vegan leather. Choice of colors includes gray, obsidian, and denim. More at https://www.brandreviewly.com/.

Obersee Rio Diaper Backpack with Detachable Cooler

This backpack is fully loaded withRio with detachable cooler great features! It has a detachable insulated bottle cooler that’s great for holding up to 3 bottles or snacks for your little one! The backpack also has a large main compartment and pockets for organizing everything you need on the go.

You can even fit a laptop in it! There are also several exterior pockets like 2 side drink pockets. Comfortable padding on the back and shoulders make it easy to carry around. It also includes a changing pad. And there are 14 different color options! Be sure to check out Obersee’s Bern Diaper Backpack, if you want even more room!

Before you set out to buy a bag, it is advisable that you buy a bag depending on the amount you have. Get to know about the secret of simplicity and go for a simple but an affordable bag which will serve you right. You do not have to commit a life saving in buying the best large diaper bag for your baby. Read the large diaper bag reviews and get to know what other consumers are saying about different types of diaper bags before settling for one. Trial and error at times is expensive.